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Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Chiropractic care should be an important part of your prenatal and postnatal care.

Dr. Golden has  training and experience in caring for mothers whether it's before or after delivery. She understands that pre-existing spinal misalignments can lead to neuromuscular and bio mechanical imbalances which stress the body and cause women to have discomfort and

difficulty performing normal, daily activities.

Dr. Golden performs thorough examinations and gentle, specific adjustments to help get your body functioning as it was designed.

Children & Chiropractic

The birth process, even under normal conditions, is frequently the first cause of spinal stress. As the head of the child appears, the physician often grabs the baby’s head and twists it around in a figure-eight motion,lifting it up to receive the lower shoulder and then down to receive the upper shoulder. This creates significant stress on the spine of the newborn. Dr. Godfrey Gutmann, a German physician, conducted a study of over 1,000 newborns shortly after birth. He discovered that over 80% of the infants had suffered trauma to their cervical spine, which resulted in spinal misalignments.


Birth is just the beginning of growth for children. Babies are constantly moving, falling down and bumping into things as they explore their new world. The typical child will fall an average of twenty five times each day while learning to walk.


Children fall while learning to walk, fall at the playground and off bicycles, bump their heads, and get into numerous injuries in sports. These spinal stresses build up in the body over their lifetime. Chiropractic care is needed in children to restore the alignment of the spine allowing for proper nerve function and optimum growth during the development of your child.

Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can help the nervous system (our electrical wiring) work at peak performance, allowing the body to heal itself. We want your body to perform at an optimum level; this can be achieved through chiropractic adjustments.

At our family chiropractic clinic, we take a gentle, holistic approach to treating your pain through the use of non-invasive spinal adjustments, stretches, and exercises. 

When you need excellent care from a family chiropractic center in Charlotte, NC, use Golden Family Chiropractic. We have a reputation for being gentle and effective at removing your nervous system interference. 

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