• Dr. Lauren Golden

"Drinking Water May Be Risky!"

The school bells are ringing beckoning their children to bid them hello once again. During this time of year, countless plastic bottles are seen peeking through slits in the overstuffed backpacks of the children who will eventually drink from them. But wait; are you aware that you and/or your child may be at risk by reusing a one-time-use water bottle? A one-time-use water bottle is defined as one that is made from either recycled plastic or plastic that can easily be recycled. These water bottles are created to be purchased and shortly there after to have their contents drunk. Unfortunately, all too often these water bottles are rinsed, re-filled with water or other beverages, and then used over and over again.

Petrochemicals are present in most thin plastics such as water bottles, plastic food wrap, laundry detergents, and several cosmetic products. These petrochemicals contain a very high percentage of synthetic estrogen which can be dangerous to one’s health, especially developing children. By limiting or all together avoiding these products, a family or individual can positively affect their health status and limit their risks of potentially harmful diseases

The prolific presence of synthetic estrogen in our household products, environment, and food supply causes great concern for the generations that follow us.

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