• Dr. Lauren Golden

Flip That Baby! Getting a Breech Babe to Turn, Naturally

You’re in your third trimester, rounding that corner to the home plate, and then your obstetrician tells you that your beloved babe is breech, meaning they aren’t in the correct head-down position for birth. A baby should be head-down at 34 gestational weeks, and a breech position will rarely correct itself without intervention. Breech positioning is one of the most common reasons for a c-section, and if a vaginal birth is part of your birth plan, you’ll want to seek natural ways to get your baby to turn.

While a Chiropractor can’t physically turn a baby, she can help create a better environment for baby to turn on its own. So, how do you get your little one turned properly for a vaginal birth?

1. Chiropractic Care- Get that pelvis moving!

Developed by Dr. Larry Webster, the Webster technique helps with what he referred to as “intrauterine constraint”. By reducing stress on the mother’s womb, the uterus is given more space to allow baby to turn on its own. The uterus is held by the pelvic basin, and when the sacrum is misaligned with the pelvic basin, it can pull on the ligaments and twist the uterus, making space tight for the baby.

A Chiropractor can adjust the sacrum to correct its alignment and make the uterus more spacious for the baby to turn head-down on its own. Research shows that the Webster technique has an 82% success rate! Dr. Lauren Golden has had great success helping breech babies turn--just read this testimonial from one of her Mommas!

2.Yoga-Stretch it out, Momma!

After you’ve seen your Chiropractor, there a few yoga stretches that can aid in getting baby in the right position. The Dolphin Pose, Cat and Cow Positions, and Downward Dog can all help the baby get head-down once the Chiropractor has made more space in your uterus. This great article can walk you through the poses for the best and safest experience.

The one pose you want to avoid is the Squatting Position, which could force baby to go deeper in the pelvis and take an improper position.

3. Acupuncture-Release the hormones!

Finally, seeing an acupuncturist can help get your baby into position using a method called moxibustion. During this process, Moxa Sticks are created with the herb mugwort, are burned and then placed on the fourth and fifth toes. This method stimulates heat receptors in the skin and releases two pregnancy hormones, placental estrogen and prostaglandins which lead to uterine contractions just gentle enough to stimulate the baby to move.

Dr. Lauren Golden is passionate about caring for her pregnant and postpartum patients. She is an expert in the physical and emotional changes that occur during and after pregnancy and takes a personal approach to her patient relationships. If you’re looking for more than an in-and-out chiropractic experience, contact us today and schedule an appointment!


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