• Dr. Lauren Golden

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Each Trimester of Pregnancy

When you are trying to get pregnant, the last thing you’re thinking of are all the ways your body will start to twinge, separate and adjust to make room for baby and prepare for labor. Sometimes, it can really hurt! Chiropractic care can help in many ways in each trimester as your body seems in a constant state of flux.

1. First Trimester

You get the positive pregnancy test and BAM! Suddenly, your life is different. Your joy, even as fulfilling as it is, can quickly be replaced with symptoms that make you feel a little less joyful. Morning sickness (or all day sickness for some!), headaches, fatigue, and dizziness can all come at different times, all at once or not at all.

Chiropractic care can actually help alleviate some of these symptoms! While they won’t make them disappear completely, by realigning your spine, your entire nervous system can be reset and can definitely help ease the pain. This will give your hormones a better balance and allow some of the intensity of the symptoms to slow their roll.

2. Second Trimester

So you’ve just got over the joys of the first trimester and you finally feel some relief--yay! While the second trimester is known as the grace period of pregnancy, your body is still changing and can bring on some skeletal aches. To help you truly enjoy this trimester, chiropractic care can be your best friend.

Hip, back and joint pain can all happen during the second trimester. A chiropractor can help realign your pelvis and spine, as these are adjusting to make room for your growing baby and preparing for birth. Sciatic nerve pain can also be addressed by your chiropractor and help you find much needed relief from the sharp, sometimes debilitating pain.

3. Third Trimester

Alright, Mama! You’re in the home stretch of pregnancy. Your body is continuing to grow and change to prepare for labor and birth, so care of your pelvis and spine are still very important to help your body open naturally. Plus, a;l those adjustments you’ve been getting during your pregnancy can help you have a speedier, easier delivery! Research shows that moms experienced a 24-39% shorter delivery due to their adjustments.

Chiropractic care also helps baby get in the head-down position for birth, can help the nerves connected to the uterus and cervix perform optimally and help the process of labor to go more smoothly.

4. Fourth Trimester

Hold on--there’s a FOURTH trimester?!

Well, many in the birth community refer to the postpartum period as the fourth trimester because your body is still changing and your hormones are still in flux. This time can be emotionally and physically taxing as your once pregnant body is trying to adjust to its former state.

Physically, chiropractic care can help with postpartum back pain, postural pain and hormonal imbalance. But even more than that, chiropractic care can help a new mom emotionally. Having a standing chiropractic appointment can be a good reason for her to leave the house and feel like she’s taking care of her needs, because the newborn phase can be isolating and lead to postpartum depression. Seeing a chiropractor can also help rebalance a new mom’s hormones, helping her deal with the anxiety and sadness many can feel after they’ve had a baby (don’t worry Mama--it’s totally normal to feel this way!)

We want to note that if you feel unusually down, anxious or feel like you may hurt yourself or your baby, please seek immediate medical attention from your OB or Midwife. While postpartum depression and anxiety are nothing to be ashamed of, it is vital that you get help as soon as possible.

If you are pregnant and looking for a chiropractor who is an expert at caring for women and babies, give Dr. Lauren Golden a call! We would be honored to walk this journey with you.


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